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How the Misuse of Infinity by Financial Elites Costs Trillions$…
and How it Can Be Easily Corrected for Profit and Prosperity.

Thanks to all who came out at Red Dot Fair!  The team had a great time and will continue my pursuit for the infinite truth of financial time.

Featured at the Red Dot Art Fair at Art Basel Miami was a smaller version of The Flush-Ex installation, currently located in New York City.  The piece invites individuals I have chosen, the “inaugural seat holders”, to participate in a form of price discovery – what I believe should be a uniquely human experience.

The Flush-Ex is an artwork exchange that is an interactive example that healthy and fair mechanisms for discovering prices are critical for the integrity of all markets, specifically the financial and art markets.

I invite all inaugural seat holders, and those with curiousity, comments, and even outrage to begin a discussion with me about the place of physics in financial markets.

t.Rutt’s Inaugural Seat Holders
William Acquavella, John Authers, Louis Bacon, Ben Bernanke, Lloyd Blankfein, Alan Blinder, Henry Blodget, Michael Bloomberg, John Bogle, Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, Mark Carney, Sean Carroll, CEO – Christie’s, CEO – Sotheby’s, Dominique Cerutti, Gordon Cheung, Frank Close, Steven Cohen, Paula Cooper, Michael Corbat, Dalai Lama, Ray Dalio, Paul Davies, Elizabeth Dee, Jeffrey Deitch, Emanuel Derman, David Deutsch, Jamie Dimon, Brady Dougan, Mario Draghi, David Einhorn, Mohamed El-Erian, Eugene Fama, Bill Ford Jr., Larry Gagosian, Gabriel García-Márquez, Timothy Geithner, Phupinder Gill, Barbara Gladstone, Arne Glimcher, Marian Goodman, James P. Gorman, Alan Greenspan, Robert Greifeld, Kenneth Griffin, Bill Gross, Terry Gross, Andrew Haldane, Lars Peter Hansen, Joanne Hill, Damien Hirst, Alan Howard, Carl Icahn, Daniel Kahneman, Brad Katsuyama, Henry Kaufman, John Kay, Seth Klarman, Jeff Koons, Bruce Kovner, Haruhiko Kuroda, Christine Lagarde, Josh Lerner, Dominique Lévy, Michael Lewis, Daniel Loeb, Roger Lowenstein, James Mackintosh, William Margrabe, Matthew Marks, Steve Martin, Mary Meeker, Rigoberta Menchú, Robert C. Merton, Robert Mnuchin, Brian Moynihan, Elon Musk, Duncan Niederauer, Henry Paulson Jr., John Paulson, Edmund Phelps, Pope Francis, Ken Rogoff, Nouriel Roubini, Charles Saatchi, Sharon Salzberg, Robert Shiller, Jim Simons, Lee Smolin, George Soros, Jeffrey Sprecher, Sylvester Stallone, Jeremy Stein, Tom Steyer, Lawrence Summers, Matt Taibbi, Nassim Taleb, David Tepper, Gillian Tett, Robert Thurman, Edward T. Tilly, Krista Tippett, Lance Uggla, Paul Volcker, James Owen Weatherall, Donald R. Wilson, Iwan Wirth, Martin Wolf, Janet Yellen, and David Zwirner.

Bring(s) together Dadaist-inspired art and high finance to start a conversation about the nature and uses of infinity.

- Andy Kiersz, Business Insider

Through explorations in the infinite, t. Rutt … examines its social and semiotic roles in our everyday lives and our imaginations.

- Chip Schwartz, Knight Arts

NYC exhibition at Brush
9 East 19th Street
New York, NY

By appointment only:
Mary Mihelic
Phone: 917-969-0222
Email: art@infinityistheenemy.com

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