About t.Rutt

t.Rutt is a writer, entrepreneur, economist, and artist.

The financial art project, titled INFINITY is the ENEMY, is presented by artist and author t.Rutt, whose name pays homage to Duchamp’s R.Mutt signature on his famous urinal,  Fountain.  t.Rutt’s ebook and artwork questions if there is a place for physics in economics or financial markets. t.Rutt further states that the injection of theories from physics into finance by the Black Scholes Merton formula has fueled financial instability, financial hyper-complexity, and the chronic overpricing of financial derivatives.  t.Rutt refers to this overpricing as “The Infinity Tax” and estimates that the 40-year cost of this hidden financial tax has been at least $14 trillion.

The artwork debuted during Art Basel week 2013 in Miami and has traveled to Philadelphia, New York, and Boston.