The nature of time is one of the most fundamental mysteries of the human experience. The scientific field of physics openly embraces the need to understand time. Social fields like economics and finance have aggressively applied principles from physics into the social models that they create. This form of ‘physics envy’ has generated controversial results. Many feel that the use of physics in finance has been terribly destructive to financial markets and to the evolution of economic theory.

The Financial Infinity Challenge focuses on the way the use of physics in financial theory distorts the variable of time in financial modeling and begs the following questions: Does the financial arrow of time point outward or inward? With financial prices now changing billions of times per day, what is the nature of time within those prices? What is the time in the price for Facebook or Apple stock, oil, or the euro? The time within all financial prices must reside somewhere along the following continuum:

5b - Financial Time Continuum

The Financial Infinity Challenge seeks creative thought from all avenues and accepts proofs in the following formats: mathematical, prose, aural, and visual. We are calling on professors at the world’s most prestigious universities, all students, and curious thinkers to join this challenge. The results are important. Perhaps they will also give us new insights and tools for creating a more stable financial system.

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The Salt Cave Award

For the best proof that time in financial prices is infinite (T = ∞), but is not shorter than 3 years (T > 3 years).

The Light Speed Award

For the best proof that time in financial prices approaches 1/∞, but is not longer than 1 month (T < 1 month).

A Foreverland Fog Cutter’s Bonus of $5,000 will be paid to any award winner who can also prove that they ever taught at Harvard.

Both awards will be given based on the voting of those who have applied. Applicants may apply multiple times and each submission receives three votes that must be cast. Per each application, you may vote for your own submission(s) one time.

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