t.Rutt’s Teslas


Bad Physics on Good Physics is a sculptural series in which t.Rutt uses Tesla automobiles as a means of expressing the incompatibility between physics and finance. The colorful, internationally themed fleet of electrical art cars showcases Tesla’s ambitious effort to use “good physics” to solve a large human problem.  The Tesla automobiles provide a metaphor for reimagining the automobile in an exciting way that also reduces the environmental costs of how humans move through time and space.

t.Rutt’s Teslas are shrouded in the “bad financial physics” that the Black Scholes Merton financial pricing regime has forced into financial markets.  The images of “bad physics” are taken from t.Rutt’s sculpture The Corrected Tablets of Modern Finance.  The Corrected Tablets are t.Rutt’s markup of the original academic papers by Paul Samuelson, Robert C. Merton, Fischer Black and Myron Scholes.  These papers make up the foundation of modern financial pricing theory.  t.Rutt’s corrections to these Nobel prize winning articles highlight the ways that “infinite time” was incorrectly used by these famous economists in a way that has greatly misrepresented and distorted the reality of time within financial instruments.

t.Rutt will sell up to 30 t.Rutt Teslas.  Buyers and collectors can choose from a variety of  designs, many of which represent the countries that have large derivatives markets.