t.Rutt’s book INFINITY is the ENEMY says that we need to radically rethink how physics is used in economics and especially in financial markets.  t.Rutt further states that the injection of theories from physics into finance by the Black Scholes Merton formula has fueled financial instability, financial hyper-complexity and the chronic overpricing of financial derivatives. t.Rutt refers to this overpricing as “The Infinity Tax” and estimates that the 40-year cost of this hidden financial tax has been at least $14 trillion.

INFINITY is the ENEMY is an ebook and a broader art project.  It all began in Miami in early December 2013 when t.Rutt kicked off its attack on financial physics and the Black Scholes Merton Financial Regime during Art Basel Miami. The art project is currently open in NY. The ebook explains the full range of artwork and also functions as a price list for the work which ranges in price from $100 to $100 million. With full-color photos, the ebook also documents the evolution of t.Rutt’s artwork including the electro-kinetic sculptures Bad Physics on Good Physics: t.Rutt’s Teslas.



En route to New York City, t.Rutt was overheard saying:

“It was the misuse and abuse of Science that ruined economics. It will be the misuse and abuse of Art that helps save it.”

“After years of confusion, deception, and pain, we have finally entered the Duchampian moment for modern economics.”

“60 days + 80 objects + 200 pages = the Destruction of the Black Scholes Merton Regime = the need to re-price $900 trillion in financial assets.”

Chapters Include: “Mr. Merton, Tear Down This Wall!”, “Infinity & The Atrocities Against Financial Innovation at Harvard Business School”, and “Chop, Chop People. It’s Show Time!”