Flusher Claimed by James Owen Weatherall

  Had a great meeting with James Owen Weatherall, author of The Physics of Wall Street  and physicist at the University of California, Irvine.  As an inaugural seat holder, Jim chose to keep his Flusher.  Shortly, any unclaimed work will be offered for sale at an opening “ask” of $75,000. Hopefully within the next week, I’ll put […]

Buy it… Read it… Prove it Wrong!

We’ve had more connections to our ‘Inaugural Seat Holders’ and couldn’t be more excited.  The crowd here is challenging of my views and perspectives.  The ArbTech team is holding their own and standing its ground for a world post-Black Scholes. In more amazing news, the ebook is back up on the Amazon store! We’ve got so […]

Many more to go…

Another invitation, for the Inaugural Seat Holder John Paulson, en route to its destination.  We are making connections here at Red Dot and across the country as we reach out to more of our Inaugural Seat Holders – those who have been great inspiration to this project. Today we introduced Schumpy into the booth. He […]

Old Walls, New Talent

Productive day filled with questions and consideration about the idea of infinite time.  After Red Dot closed its doors the team headed to Wynwood to meet a fellow artist hailing from Philadelphia to grab a taste of the work they were surrounded with last year.  What a bold and vibrant showcase of the talent gracing […]


Featured at the Red Dot Art Fair at Art Basel Miami was a smaller version of The Flush-Ex installation, currently located in New York City.  The Flush-Ex is an artwork exchange that is an interactive example that healthy and fair mechanisms for discovering prices are critical for the integrity of all markets, specifically the financial […]