First Day in Miami!

The team gets acclimated to the change in weather – snowing in Philly, sunny in South Beach – and previews the scene in Wynwood for the next day’s pop-up launch. Also, getting acquainted to the local drink, MOJITOSSS.

Delivery on South Beach

Following an 18 hour drive on the back of a 16-wheeler, t.Rutt’s original  branded TESLA Model S arrived in Miami. To raise awareness and to just start thawing out, we took to the streets of Miami to get in touch with the people. Cruising up and down the busy streets of Ocean Avenue, t.Rutt branded […]

Hey NYC! We’re here!

The snow is falling and we’ve finally arrived in NYC.  t.Rutt’s media and construction teams make their way to meet at the new gallery space in Union Square. After a couple cups of coffee and a frigid walk from downtown, the two crews meet and begin constructing and curating INFINITY is the ENEMY.