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We currently feature excerpts from our in-house program Infinite Air with Yrret Ssorg. The clips below were recorded between Yrret and Bobby See who is t.Rutt’s leg model, performer and singer. Bobby See and his band, the Infinettes, have lengthy experience working with t.Rutt which gives them unique insight into t.Rutt’s artwork and writing. Yrret interviewed Bobby See while he was driving from Philadelphia to Miami to install t.Rutt’s art exhibit at the Crane Arts booth at Red Dot Miami Art Fair.


Bobby See sings Arbitrage Delight and discusses t.Rutt’s Teslas, the Washings, and the affectation of the word “arbitrage”

Bobby See sings Arbitrage Delight II, comments on t.Rutt’s Teslas, the Washings, the London Whale, and the fallacy of VaR

Who are Bobby See & the Infinettes?

How did Bobby See become a leg model?

What is t.Rutt’s mission?

Yrret Ssorg interviews Bobby See about t.Rutt, Harvard and Intimidation

How, and how quickly, will art markets and financial markets respond to t.Rutt’s attack on Black Scholes Merton?

What does t.Rutt expect will happen to financial markets if Black Scholes Merton is destroyed? (quotes Nassim Taleb)

Does t.Rutt want to destroy the global financial system?

Is there a full frontal photo of that naked photo with the statue of John Harvard?

Intellectualism and academia as blood sport (includes shout out for Lee Smolin the physicist)

Does economics and finance have a “big swinging dick problem?”

General introduction to the Black Scholes Merton fallacy and the problem of using infinite time in DCF models

The audacity of jamming physics into finance, the Infinity Tax and the opportunity to quantify a “big swinging dick” problem

Art vs. Science – Is economics and finance art or is it science? What is the true language of finance?

Artists who have influenced t.Rutt – Gordon Cheung, Aaron Johnson, Louise Bourgeois, Isamu Noguchi, and of course, Duchamp

More on artists that have influenced t.Rutt